RIGHT for Patient/Public Version of Guideline


Wang X, Chen Y, Akl EA, et al. The reporting checklist for public versions of guidelines: RIGHT-PVG. Implement Sci. 2021,16(1):10.

RIGHT-PVG Checklist

Section/topic No. Item
Basic information
Title/cover/copyright 1a Identify the document as a guideline version for patients and the public.
1b Specify the topic (e.g. condition, technique or medication) addressed in the PVG.
1c Specify the publication year and the version (if applicable) (e.g. first version, second version) of the PVG in the title, cover page or copyright statement.
Contact information 2 Provide contact information of the developers of the PVG (e.g., affiliations, website, or address, phone number or email address).
Summary 3 Provide a summary of the PVG, including the main recommendations.
Introduction of the target topic 4a Introduce the target condition, including (as relevant) the definition, risk factors, signs, subtypes, complications, staging (progress), and epidemiology.
4b Introduce the management, preventive, diagnostic and other options.
Purpose, scope and target users 5 Describe the scope, purpose, intended use and users of the PVG.
Link to the source guideline 6 Provide a reference or link to the source guideline of the PVG, where the methods of the source guideline (e.g., the evidence review and recommendation development process) can be found.
Recommendations 7a Include for each recommendation: a) the target populations or conditions, b) the recommended treatment or management option (e.g. prevention plan, diagnostic strategy, or rehabilitation), c) potential benefits and harms, especially those that are patients important, and d) the specific settings where the options are recommended to be implemented.
7b Describe what options, if any, are available to deal with undesirable outcomes.
7c Describe the self-management options, if any are reported in the source guideline.
The strength of the recommendations and certainty of the evidence 8 Provide a clear and simple explanation of the meaning of terms related to the strength of recommendations and quality of the evidence (e.g., by using commonly understood symbols).
Other Information
Questions to ask 9 Suggest a list of questions for patients to ask their healthcare providers if relevant.
Terms and abbreviations 10 Provide a list of terms and abbreviations used in the PVG.
Funding 11 Describe the funding source(s) of the PVG and of the source guideline and their roles or any influences, in the PVG or guideline development processes, respectively.
Conflicts of interest 12 Report the conflicts of interests of contributors to the PVG and the source guideline in a format that the patients and the public can understand, and how they were managed.

Reporting Items for Public Version of Guidelines: RIGHT-PVG

1.   To identify and describe currently published literature on the reporting of patient versions of guidelines.

2.   To develop essential reporting items for public, including patient, versions of guidelines for healthcare.

3.   To identify the characteristics of high-quality PVGs.

4.   Consensus panelists.

  • Akiko Okumura, Medical Information Network Distribution Service (MINDS) Guideline Centre, Japan
  • Amir Qaseem, American College of Physicians, USA
  • Ana Marušić, University of Split School of Medicine, Croatia EQUATOR Network, Croatia
  • Claire Glenton, Cochrane Norway, Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Norway
  • Edwin Chan Shih-Yen, Office of Clinical Sciences, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, Singapore
  • Elie Akl, American University of Beirut Medical Centre, Lebanon
  • Faruque Ahmed, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA
  • Holger Schunemann, Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence and Impact, Canada
  • Hongcai Shang, Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China
  • Joey Kwong, National Center for Child Health and Development; Cochrane Gynaecological Cancer Review Group, China
  • Madelin Siedler, American Gastroenterology Association, USA
  • Nancy Santesso, Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence and Impact, Canada
  • Mingming Zhang, Chinese Cochrane Centre, China
  • MYEONG SOO Lee, Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine, Korea
  • Sarah Louise Barber, WHO Kobe Centre, Japan
  • Suodi Zhai, Peking University Third Hospital, China
  • Susan Norris, WHO Guidelines Review Committee, Switzerland
  • Yngve Falck-Ytter, University Hospitals Case Medical Center, USA
  • Yuanyuan Zhang, Lanzhou University, China

5.   Development group members.

  • Yaolong Chen, Kehu Yang, Liang Yao, Ružica Tokalić, Janne Estill, Qi Wang


Wang X, Chen Y, Akl EA, et al. The reporting checklist for public versions of guidelines: RIGHT-PVG. Implement Sci. 2021,16(1):10. 
Wang X, Zhou Q, Chen Y, et al. Protocol of reporting items for public versions of guidelines: the Reporting Tool for Practice Guidelines in Health Care-public versions of guidelines[J]. BMJ Open,2019,9(3):e023147.